Ramieri - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - EVOO Monocultivar Peranzana

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Company information:

Company Name: Azienda Agricola Ramieri Rosanna
Owner Name: Amoruso Francesco
Founded on: 2013
VAT No.: 03515990715
Number of employees: 2-5

Company location:

Via Puglie 20 71011 Apricena - ITALY

Company description:

Since ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, oil, together with wine and cereals, has been a foundation of the Mediterranean diet. According to experts, extra virgin olive oil is preferable to other fats because it is rich in beneficial substances such as polyphenolsantioxidants that are thought to slow down cellular ageing.

For extra virgin olive oil we mean oil obtained by mechanical cold pressing, this process is very important because it preserves all the nutritional properties.

The Ramieri Rosaria farm was born in 2013 and is located in Apricena, in Foggia Province (Apulia, Italy). It produces certified organic Peranzana extra virgin olive oil.

Peranzana oil has a light and delicate flavour, with olfactory notes reminiscent of tomato, rocket and artichoke.

Its balanced and sweet flavour makes it very versatile in the kitchen. Excellent both raw with salads, bruschetta, legume soups but also in cooking on white meats and in fish dishes.

Peranzana extra virgin olive oil is also used in pastry making to prepare traditional Apulian sweets.

Grandma's advice: drinking a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil when you have a sore throat, will help to heal!

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